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As a special Launch for our SA branch, we have a Christmas Promotion that is sure to inspire you!

Christmas Soul!
Starts: 11 December
Ends:  31 December
A delectable opportunity to start your own business from the comfort of your own home! No traffic! No travelling expenses!, No boss to answer to! & best of all, NO monthly ROYALTIES to pay out! What you earn is yours to keep! You deserve it! You earned it! It’s yours!
With our Christmas Soul Promotion, we are offering a 20% discount on both of our Work from Home opportunities! This Promotional Offer expires on 31st December & as you can imagine for area viability, quantities are limited to 1 Entrepreneur per area. This includes your complete online set up , presence & portal!.
Cherub:  R9777.00 less 20% = R7822.00
Angelic : R23777.00 less 20% = R19022.00
An offer that I’m sure will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone & into your light! Your chance to take up the challenge of acquiring your own business & journeying into the world of Entrepreneurship & Business Owner! Your creativity & imagination await you! There are no limits – not even the sky! You create your own destiny!
But wait ….. ……..  Perhaps you’re not quite sure whether this is the ‘perfect’ opportunity for you BUT you so want to start your own business from home ……… Cup the Cake SA have introduced our ‘Fairy’ option – this is the option with the opportunity to start something on a ‘smaller’ scale with abundant potential! The Fairy option is priced @ R4777.00. This includes: your complete online set up – website – admin portal – booking & payment portal – order requests – store front – FB Page – email address – Training – ongoing support & even hosting  your website for 6x months.! Your complete online set up & Training await you! All you would need to do is have fun while you earn! This option has a 48hr delivery tag! It’s time to start thriving!
Fairy: R4777.00
Please feel free to ask as many questions as need be!